What People Say

“It was refreshing to go on a course that gave realistic and practical strategies for organising a somewhat chaotic lifestyle without making you feel inadequate for not having sorted things sooner.” – Karine (Fife)

“Fantastic—relates to “real life”, not just the job.” – Lynne (Scottish Borders)

“An excellent day – good use of time out of office and practical tools which I’ll use.  Tutor/delivery excellent.” – Neil (CEO – Edinburgh)

“Ease the Load put into perspective balancing life and work and having clear plans. Declutter!!” – Pamela (Midlothian)

“Very informative and light hearted. Good trainer. Opportunity for all to be involved and share ideas.” – Lisa (Falkirk)

“David’s presentation skills created an excellent forum to make a subject that could have been very dull into something interesting and fun.” – James (Glasgow)

“Very engaging. And kept my attention throughout.  No time to let my attention wander!” – Libby (Fife)

“One of the best courses I have attended – looking forward to trying some of these techniques.” – Colin (Stirling)

“Would recommend this course to anyone with a workload that is difficult to manage. 10/10” –  Hannah (Fife)

“Even though I’ve done a few time management courses this was very practical and balanced.  It made sense!!” – Dawn (Perth)

“Although others perceive me as ‘organised’ I often feel stressed and guilty and unable to manage all I should be doing.  I will start to implement the system immediately.  “Review” part very relevant and I like the 2 minute rule.” – Betty (Edinburgh)

“Excellent session; very worthwhile” – Scott (Midlothian)

“I am much better organised and I have fewer moments when I realise I’ve missed something. Bliss!” – Caroline (Fife)

“An excellent mix of theory, practice and self-reflection. Simple but so effective!” – Linda (East Lothian)

“Excellent course, well thought out theory. Tutor then delivered the course in a very practical way with immediate benefits.” – Jed (Glasgow)

“Very well presented – easy to understand. Liked the idea of everything kept in a ‘folder’ – rather than my head.” – Norma (Falkirk)

“A great impact, thank you.” – Alison (Edinburgh)

“I really feel I have benefited from the course. I have a more positive and calmer approach to each day!” – Fiona (East Lothian)

“I recommend “Ease the Load” to all school staff. The course offers practical solutions and guidance for very busy people.” – Janet (Principal Teacher)

“The course was highly relevant and gave practical advice that works” – Janice (Fife)

“Excellent tutor who kept us interested! Very applicable course material – hope I can go away and have time to reflect and then implement ….” – Lorne (Midlothian)