FREE Webinar : NEW Outlook Tasks (April 17th – 12:30pm)

With many professionals spending a large part of their day in Microsoft Outlook, it’s worth investing time learning its productivity features.

Microsoft Outlook includes a task function, which can feel a bit basic.  But that’s all about to change!

In 2015, Microsoft acquired the company behind Wunderlist, a leading task management application.  In 2017, the same team delivered Microsoft To-Do, which was to integrate with Microsoft Outlook Tasks.  This feature is now being rolled out through Office 365, and you may well already have access to it.

New Outlook Tasks

Microsoft To-Do and the integration with Outlook Tasks offers real potential, including a more powerful (yet free) way to have tasks on your mobile device.  

However, to implement it, may require a change to your set-up of Outlook Tasks.  This free one hour webinar will take you through the basics and provide an opportunity to ask questions.