How to Run a Successful Online Event

As Learning and Development professionals, we’ve all had to quickly get to grips with delivering online events; meetings, training and webinars.

But while some have embraced this exciting format, there are still real (or perceived) drawbacks:

  • “We like to get our staff away from their desks”
  • “The participants will be nervous”
  • “It’s just not the same as being face to face”
  • “What happens if the technology doesn’t work?”

Positive People began delivering their productivity training as online events in 2015.

Join our Online Zoom event about how to run an Online Zoom event!

Join us for this 1 hour Zoom as we discuss how to eliminate the negatives and run a successful online event. This will be delivered as a collaborative meeting, allowing participation by online chat, audio or video, breakout rooms, whiteboards (nb: you can engage as little or as much you want).

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