Improve Productivity – LIVE ONLINE PROGRAMME

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  • Teams are doing even more with less
  • Many spend their day swamped in email
  • Back-to-back meetings add further challenges
  • Balancing work and personal life is almost impossible.
  • To-do lists feel overwhelming

How can we continually improve management of an ever-increasing and complex workload, in a world of unprecedented change … and still have time for personal life?

Positive People have developed this live online programme of their popular productivity seminar to support executives at all levels, providing an approach which puts you in control and reduces overall stress.


  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule.
  • Feel on top of work and home life.
  • Get the inbox back to empty.
  • Get the best from Outlook, OneNote and other tools
  • Effectively plan and progress projects.
  • Clarify roles, prioritise goals, learn to say “No!”
  • Increase creativity.

How it works

Each session is 2 hours and participants can choose to attend any or all events.
Each session fee is £99.00.
The 3rd event is half price (choose the ‘full programme’ option for discount).

Organisations can also choose to pre-purchase discount volume licences.

    • Identifying and focusing on our priorities
    • Managing projects effectively
    • Creating to-do lists that work
    • The 5-stage approach to manage a busy workload
    • Capturing effectively into external tools
    • Embedding the Weekly Review
  3. SETTING UP SYSTEMS (for Microsoft users)
    • Setting up Microsoft OneNote effectively
    • Getting the best from Outlook (inbox zero)
    • Synchronizing the tools and using MS To Do and Microsoft Planner

The programme uses Microsoft Teams or Zoom for the events.
Alternative platforms are available for in-house sessions.
Simple guides and exercise handouts are provided to complement the event.


  • Efficient — Reduces time away from the office.
  • Interactive — These are live events, allowing participants to comment through online chat and ask questions throughout the training.
  • Assisted — Outlook, OneNote and other tools are set up during the events with hands-on support from the presenter.
  • Flexible — Participants can choose which sessions to join and can access the events from any location and any device.
  • Manageable—Broken into bite-size chunks for easy implementation.

Corporate Licences

If you wish to pre-pay for multiple licences for your organisation, please for full details.

Please contact us for in-house (closed) sessions.

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