Focus! Plan! Attack!

  • woman squareTeams are doing even more with less
  • Managers spend their day swamped in email
  • To-do lists feel depressing 
  • Few get their inboxes back to empty 
  • Work encroaches on personal life 
  • Many use Outlook (or Gmail) for email and calendar but know it can do more


If any of the statments above resonate with you, “Focus! Plan! Attack!” could be just what you need.

Juggling our busy work and personal life is becoming increasingly difficult for most in this fast-paced world. Strategies that used to work are no longer proving effective and so we need an approach that makes us feel on top of our work, rather than being buried by it.

This one day seminar has been designed to put you in control and help you be productive without the stress.

Focus! Plan! Attack! is the public seminar version of our in-house session “Ease the Load.”  There are two versions of the event, the standard course and the live IT hands-on session.


In this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule.
  • Feel on top of their work and home life.
  • Efficiently organise paperwork, emails and other inputs.
  • Effectively plan and progress projects.
  • Determine and prioritise goals.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Build resilience and reduce stress and anxiety.


This full day seminar is delivered as a series of presentations, workshops, exercises and group discussions. It is available as part of our Public Seminar series.

Watch a  short video introduction to the course.

Download information – standard session 

Download information – Live IT session