Ease the Load / Focus! Plan! Attack!

Busy professionals comment that their ever-increasing workload, in a world of unprecedented change, is having a significant effect on their job satisfaction and their ability to deliver the required results.

Positive People have developed this course to support executives at all levels, providing an approach which puts you in control and reduces overall stress.

Ease the Load and Focus! Plan! Attack! are essentially the same course, but with a slightly different emphasis.  The public seminar version uses the title Focus! Plan! Attack!

This course is not traditional time management and has been developed to address recurring themes:

  • Teams are doing even more with less
  • Managers spend their day swamped in email
  • Work encroaches on personal life
  • To-do lists feel depressing
  • Few get their inboxes back to empty
  • Many use organisational tools (diaries/Outlook, etc.) but feel they could be set up more effectively

Applying the approach helps you to enjoy, and not just cope with, your busy schedule, leaving you on top of your work, not buried by it – productivity without stress.


In this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule.
  • Feel on top of work and home life.
  • Get the inbox back to empty.
  • Efficiently organise paperwork, emails and other inputs.
  • Effectively plan and progress projects.
  • Clarify roles, prioritise goals and learn to say “No!”


We deliver the seminar as a series of presentations, workshops, exercises and group discussions.  During the event we demonstrate advanced features in tools such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote or Google Apps, determined by the client’s environment.   It includes follow up through our eLearning package and an optional additional session or webinar a few weeks later, to support employees as they embed these new habits into their routine.

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